How Subconscious Beliefs are Created Through Televisions and are Used for Advertising

Our minds are an amazing thing.

For us to take on a belief as a truth, all we have to do is to be in an open suggestible state. That state can be obtained while we are relaxed, open and focusing intently on something. It could be a movie or a show or playing a PlayStation, when you lose track of time and what is happening around you. When you are truly absorbed in what you are doing. Hypnotherapists utilise this state to facilitate changes within the Subconscious Mind.

Suggestibility is our ability to accept, believe and to surrender to information without ever analysing it and when you do that it bypasses your critical facilities and it begins to program you subconsciously. Programming your subconscious mind only requires an image or a brand with a feeling or an emotion attached to it. If you take a thought and a feeling, this can start to condition your body. Something else happens when conditioning the body with information emotionally with a TV,  when you look at a screen your audiatic response is captured. This response filters out unwanted sounds and enhances interesting ones so that you hear only what is important to you.

TV is called programme for a reason, you can’t take your eyes off the TV and you don’t blink much, you keep watching and you become relaxed.  When an advertisement comes on they are telling you what to think and feel and what to do. They plant solutions to any of your problems and later on, if your problem comes up, your mind goes to the solutions you saw on the TV commercial and you go and buy it.

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