The ability to manage stress is now more apparent

Our ability to manage stress is now more apparent than ever

Manage stress… If you think about it, we have not just had a virus of the body, we are having a virus of the mind. Think of all the billions of people that would not have actually gotten it by the time this is all over, but still lived for a couple of years or more with the stress of “Am I going to get it? Do I, have it? What should I do if I get it? Am I going to have my job? Am I going to lose my job? How will I support my family? Am I going to have to have it to keep my job? Will my Mum get it? Will my dad get it? What if?

All of this stress engages the brain in fight or flight, 24/7. That fight or flight was only meant to be engaged if you were in an accident or to flee from danger. It was not meant for prolonged periods of stress. Anything that we perceive as a dire emergency, the body sets off a cascade of rapidly occurring reactions to help the body deal with the threat. The adrenals trigger the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline you to be hyper-focused and be in the moment so that you can flee from whatever danger you are in. Once the danger has passed it can take the body up to 60 minutes to return to its normal state.

Imagine then if you thought you were in danger 24/7!

Your adrenals, working 24/7 to help you to get through that stress, the stress of it all interferes with everything. Digestion becomes impaired and the ability to think clearly (brain fog) is impaired. Then you are unable to make good clear decisions. Your heartbeat quickens and you begin to breathe faster. Your blood pressure rises and your body becomes tense ready to run away from impending danger, or to freeze, unable to move.

It interferes with the body’s ability to make hormones and it can become overwhelming, stopping your body’s ability to repair when sleeping. All of this going on without you really knowing why you feel the way you do, waking up tired and cranky. Every day there is new stress, on the news always something, how many have it, where it is so at this point in time it doesn’t look as though it is going away.

Your ability to manage stress is now more apparent than ever.

Going for walks, eating well, learning how to relax, turning off that fight or flight response.

Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful tool that will assist you to turn off the response. This allows your body to come back into balance. If you see or hear something that is stressful, you will know how to deal with it. To be able to reap the benefits and rewards of a healthy happier mind and body call Kim today!

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